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Start Taking Card Payments Straight Away - The Easy Way


Get Paid More and Faster for your existing Products & Services

Studies consistently show that customers often prefer to pay by card - and that when they can both the value and number of sales increases markedly - by as much as 35%, more in some cases.

Chasing debts is costly, time consuming and can be downright demoralizing. Now you can get paid upfront and save time and hassle.

Accepting debit and credit cards makes it easier for customers to pay you!
You can start accepting credit and debit card payments by phone, email, web or mobile literally overnight - guaranteed. It's instant and flexible - the next generation of eCommerce - but without the hassles and waiting. You don't even need a website.

More Sales & Better Cashflow
When card facilities are introduced
  • There are more transactions (sales)
  • Customers also spend more when they buy
  • No more chasing debts - get paid upfront
The service is low cost - and usually pays for itself within days. It works happily alongside an existing website or completely stand-alone

No Website Required!
Works seamelssly with your existing website - or completely without one.

Easy Setup

Two easy setup options:
  • Expedite - We will create your Secure Cash Register within one business day and call you to get you setup and answer all your questions. You start taking payments straight away.
  • Standard - We will setup your Secure Cash Register within four business days and email you with all the instructions you need to get going. You can be up and going within the week.